Yea God, I know. But….

So today, while sitting in church, a thought occurred to me. Do we, as women, really truly take God at His word? Or is it easier to believe the lies of the enemy?

Think about this for a moment… God says, “you are fearfully and wonderfully made“. Do we really truly believe that? Or do say, “Yea God, I know. But…..”      But what?

……But God, I don’t feel that way today.

……But God, I am not as popular as other women are at my church.

…..But God, did you hear the way she prayed? I can’t even begin to pray like that!

…..But God, do you see how big I’ve gotten? I could never be as pretty when I am this big?

…..But God, I could never teach a class like she did! I’m not smart enough.

Stop that, Sister! Stop giving the enemy more power over your life than you are giving God;  God, the One who created YOU!! The one who knitted you together in your mother’s womb! The One who said “the world needs a (insert your name here)! The One who knew the moment you were conceived! No matter where or how you were conceived, God said “let there be life”, and there was!! YOU WERE CREATED because of HIM! That’s pretty special! He didn’t have to create you, you know! The world could have gone on without you….But God!!! But God said, I want a (your name here) to walk this earth with Me!

The point is, are you going to take God at His word, or are you going to allow the enemy to take away from you the beauty that God created in YOU? The enemy wants you to believe that you are not beautiful, smart, creative, talented, and loved! He wants you to sulk in the lies that he is telling you! He wants you to be ashamed of the way you were conceived! Why? Because when you do, dear Sister, HE WINS!!! The enemy WINS every stinkin time you say, “Yea God, I know. But….” Think about that for a minute!

Every time the words, “Yea God, I know. But…”, come from your mouth, you are choosing not to believe God’s word; and you are choosing to believe the lies of the enemy. Stop that! Do not, for one second longer, allow the enemy to have more power in your life than you are allowing God to have! Give it up, Sister! Kick the enemy to the curb, and all the junk he brings along with him! Stand up and tell him to SHUT UP; your God does not lie! Your Father in heaven loves you! He loves you so very much that He chose you to come to this earth! He fearfully and wonderfully made you; he knitted you together in your mother’s womb, one cell after another. He chose YOU to be His child!

I don’t know about you, but that gets me pretty excited when I choose to believe what God tells me, and I stand up to the enemy and tell him to take a hike! It makes me excited when I choose to believe the Word of God, and allow it to rise up in my spirit and come ALIVE! It makes me feel pretty special when I can look myself in the mirror and say, “Buck up, Buttercup, You Got This, and He’s Got You!!!”

So, next time you begin to doubt who you are in Christ, with everything in you, tell that dirty dog satan to BE GONE! Jesus has come to give you life to the fullest! You were made in the image of God, and He loves YOU! Don’t ever forget that!! Yes, it is your choice to believe that or not; and I truly hope you don’t doubt that. I know one thing for sure, God is not a liar; and He don’t make junk!

Until next time, be blessed!


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